Mobile Home for Sale Santa Clarita: Considerations before Purchasing

The concept of mobile homes, often known as manufactured homes or trailers, has been the talk of the town. Mobile homes are built off-site by manufacturers and then deported to a property. Many get lured when they see mobile home for sale Santa Clarita flyers, but there are some considerations that, as a buyer, you must take into account so that you don’t regret your decision later.

Land Decision

When purchasing a mobile home in Santa Clarita, it is always wise to make a strategic land decision. While privately-owned land allures at first glance, leasing land in mobile or Manufactured Home Park equally provides value. Listed below are essential items to check off when considering a mobile home for sale in Santa Clarita.

  • The homeowner’s association (HOA) fee
  • If the park has a common area that you can utilize
  • Is the mobile home park has gated security
  • Will you be able to get adequate land & privacy to meet your requirements?
  • If the leased land be owned over time                   
  • If you manage to get at least a 3-year lease to qualify for a federally guaranteed mortgage

Purchasing a mobile home and bringing it to a leased-land park can significantly decrease your monthly mortgage costs and present you with some more extra bucks for leisure spending.

Mobile homes tend to lose value over time

It is usually believed that the prices of homes increase over time, but the same logic fails when it comes to mobile homes. Single families often go for mobile homes because they’re typically attached to the land. You are paid for your home as well as the land when you sell your regular home. Since mobile homes can be kept on leased lands, you will not get the value for the land even if the land goes up in value. Furthermore, it can be more challenging for mobile homeowners to sell their houses.


Reading the two fundamental considerations, if you still believe that you want to settle for a mobile home, you can find numerous mobile homes for sale in Santa Clarita companies. Mobile homes are affordable places to live without a lot of property maintenance.

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