Innovative ways to use a stainless steel glove box in your lab

It is essential to procure the right equipment if you want to run a successful lab. These days, you can find lab owners constantly repurposing their equipment for different purposes. Consequently, it is also important to understand how you can use your equipment for different purposes. There are plenty of customization options available for this purpose, and you can make use of this facility to perform various experiments. Thus, the overall functionality of your lab also improves. In this small article, you will learn about using your stainless steel glove box for different purposes. 

Understanding glove boxes and their utility

Mainly, a glove box is useful for storing and handling different types of lab samples and handling them without risking contamination. But, you may use them for a lot of other practical purposes too. The glove box essentially contains a box, which is made of steel, with two external glove ports through which a lab worker can handle the samples that are stored inside the box. The steel boxes can allow you to maintain a constant environment inside in which the samples can stay pure. It can also absorb radiation and prevent radioactive samples from contaminating everything else inside your lab. So, the primary functions of the boxes lie in storing samples safely and securing your lab against contamination. However, there are certainly other uses of the boxes also, and these have been enumerated below.

With Semiconductors

Presently, the global semiconductor industry has the potential to create billions in revenue. The semiconductor consists of micro-particles that are useful in making smartphones. There is a huge demand for semiconductors in the automobile industry also. But, these have to be stored within specialized facilities where there can be no moisture present. Airborne contaminants and moisture can destroy the semiconductor and ruin its inner circuits. Hence, a stainless steel glove box can be an effective place for you to store them. These boxes can have low humidity inside, which will lower the chances of any electrostatic fluctuations. Hence, a steel glove box is perfect for handling and storing semiconductors. 

Different types of carbon dating samples

High humidity can destroy carbon dating samples that are crucial for studying geological and organic samples. So, it is vital that you store these samples within steel glove boxes that can control the relative humidity. Steel glove boxes can help to preserve the radiocarbon levels of various samples and conduct studies effectively. The glove ports can allow workers to extract pure carbon from the samples later on and use it for more scientific analysis. 

Essential Biological Samples

There are plenty of forensic studies where the crucial details lay hidden within the DNA samples. These samples need to be handled with a lot of caution. Your lab workers will have to store these samples carefully in order to protect them. The steel glove box is perfect for this as it can maintain a controlled, dry environment and low temperatures as well. Hence, you can use these boxes to handle such essential biological samples as well. 

Working with a Solar Panel

The steel glove boxes are vital to protect the solar cells. These cells are of crucial importance in manufacturing our solar panels. These solar panels are protected from all types of environmental disasters by the steel glove boxes. The stele boxes can be more effective if they are customized with perforated racks, which can allow an unhindered flow of nitrogen. This unique design of the cabinets can allow specialized sizes, shapes of the solar cell shelves and let the lab workers use the glove ports to effectively assemble the solar cells. 

In case you want to learn more about the stainless steel laboratory glove boxthen you will need to go to various forums on the internet and learn about this lab equipment. You can get these cabinets from both online and offline stores. However, online stores will offer you more discounts. 


Stainless steel glove boxes are useful in serving crucial purposes in different types of industries. These boxes can be quite effective in increasing the functionality of your lab. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you. 

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