How To Learn Surahs Effectively

Do you want to learn surahs and ayahs and memorize them to implement in your daily life? Don’t fret. You have landed at the right place. Reciting or memorizing surahs is one of the biggest rewards from the Almighty. Not only this, but being a practicing Muslim, it’s our obligatory duty to learn them by heart and recite them in our 5 times daily prayers. 

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Reciting the surahs of the Holy Quran in the daily prayers is an excellent way to keep your memorization of the surahs on track and ensure smooth progress. Drive a close connection with Allah and get set to cement countless rewards for yourself. 

Do you know, many hafiz have given up on their dreams to become hafiz? This is because they couldn’t manage to memorize the surahs in the best manner and in an assigned time.

We have come up with the best tips, so let’s have a look at how you can learn surahs fast and effectively.

Get A Distraction-Less Environment

All you need is a distraction-free atmosphere to get the most of it. Reading in a distraction-free area will allow for maximum concentration and focus. Therefore, you can learn at a high pace. It is also advisable to leave your cell phone somewhere else to lock your focus in one place. 

Also, avoid reciting the Holy Book on T.V lounges and computer screens. Another great idea to learn the Holy Quran is in the mosque, where you will meet like-minded people that are willing to learn the Holy Quran in a quiet place.

Start Learning With your Favorite Surah

This is something important. Starting from the easiest or favorite surah will build your interest and will further sweeten the recitation process. Moreover, make sure you’re starting out the short surahs to develop the momentum, and then you may advance further on with the longer ayahs and surahs of the Holy Quran. 

You can find the short surahs at the end of the Holy Quran. We recommend starting with Surah Fatihah, as it is the most common surah to initiate.

Recite With Translation

Believe me, one of the best ways to get the hang of the Holy Quran is to recite it with a complete translation. Not only, it has greater benefits, but you’ll be able to comprehend the Holy Quran in a much better way. Besides this, you can read the Holy Quran in easy and readable language. 

With a plethora of resources available on the internet, you can easily find the right translation of the Holy Quran online. More importantly, learn Quran with tajweed online and optimize your recitation time.

Don’t Overburden Yourself

Many beginners and newbies are found to commit this mistake over and over again. They try to memorize the Holy Quran in one single night, which is simply impossible. That’s the reason, learning the Holy Quran requires a lot of patience, dedication, and willpower to hone in the memorization. Avoid being a champion and start with the short portions of the Holy Quran.

Get Adequate Sleep

You might be wondering, how does sleep links to the memorization of the Holy Quran. But, let me tell you, the more sleep you get, the more you’ll be able to memorize faster and learn better. 

A healthy sleep or even a short nap can enhance memory to a greater extent. So, whether you’re dealing with recognizing issues or finding it hard to learn surahs, get proper sleep and get back to work.

Revise Lessons Regularly

If you ask me what’s the best way to learn surahs effectively, I would tell you about the daily revisions. Yes, the daily revision has the potential to keep the learning curve at a steady pace. When you’re done learning the surahs, take a break, and afterward take your time out to revise the learned surahs. In this way, surahs can be at your fingertips when your memorization is strong enough.

Final Words

That’s it! We hope you have got a better idea of how to cope up with your recital process. Invest your time in learning surahs, learn Quran online, set your memorization goals, and success will run towards you. Learning the Holy Quran is not a daunting task but what matters is the true dedication in your reciting.

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