How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Chartered Flight In India

Chartered Aircraft were once only big political leaders or business houses things. But the pandemic has brought along some changes. Although flying has started but the new normal isn’t normal to people yet. Thus wealthy Indian families have started seeing chartered aircraft as a workable option. And are spending several lakhs for personal traveling purposes.

But the questions are, how much does it cost to hire a chartered flight in India? What is the difference between chartered jet and private jet? What are the advantages of chartered jets? In this article, I will try to answer these frequently asked questions with some extra ones.

Let’s get the answers

What is the difference between chartered jet and private jet?

Although many uses chartered jets and private jets as synonyms. But the fact is that they are different. The major difference between chartered jets and private jet is their capacities or the number of seats in them. While chartered jets can be 8 to 180 seater airplanes, private jets are 4 to 18 seated aircraft. These aircraft can be both privately owned or chartered.

Chartered flights are unscheduled flights that don’t fly in the normal course of business. And you charter the entire plane here. Also, there are a few different chartered flights. Let’s know more about them-

Private charter flight

A family who has full control over the plane except for the airlines they are flying with rent the private charters. They can select the time they want to board and the land of the plane. Airline companies provide different aircraft for charter and you can select one according to your need.

Group charter flight

In group charter flights, the organizer has the deciding powers. These services are provided to musical bands, actors related to a movie for a special or a group tour. The flights are mostly a part of packaged deals thus the location, boarding, and onboarding time are decided by the organizers.

Why you should charter a plane?

If you are thinking about why you should charter a plane or what are the advantages of chartering a plane, let me help you find some.

Safety– These pandemic times had made us realize how great it is to share a space with as few people as possible. And chartered aircraft provides us this safety. You will only share a flight with the people you allow on your plane. And you can ask for negative covid reports of the crew members flying with you.

Privacy– Recently a couple in India married in a chartered flight with all their relatives. The news created a buzz throughout the continent. The main reason was having a private space for the safety of the Coronavirus.

Chartered flights serve the best intimate experience where you can share the space only with the people you want.

No standing in long queues- Chartered flights save you a lot of time that you spend in long queues waiting for your luggage, or your flight to board. If you are a business manager for whom time is money, chartered flights are a great option for you. But if you don’t have a problem flying with others, then go for direct flights to India from the USAor anywhere else. And if time isn’t an issue, go for non stop flights from USA to India.

Factors that affect chartered plane prices

Not all chartered plane prices the same. And there are a lot of factors that go under consideration while deciding the prices. Let’s learn about the factors to affect chartered plane prices.

Number of Seats– The charter cost depends upon the number of the seat a plane has. A 4-8 seater aircraft costs less but if you thinking of booking an airbus of 300 seats, it will cost manifolds of the above.

Location of the base city– Aircraft companies include charges of moving from home to base airport. So if you are taking an airplane from Chennai but it has to move from Mumbai for the pickup, it will add up to your charter cost. Most airlines have base stations in Mumbai and Delhi.

Delays– Yes, you will pay for the delays. And the airlines won’t be liable for it. The delays due to weather, flying late then the schedule will all add up to your cost.

Taxes– The airplane charter has 18% GST on it.

What is the cost of charter a plane?

Together with the increase in demand for charter flights companies like MakeMyTrip and AirAsia are listing their planes for charter purposes. The base price to charted a plane starts from 13 lakhs. These planes are small and have a limited seating capacity. Also, these planes take a double amount of time to reach the destination compared to airbuses.

For a medium-sized aircraft, lose your pockets and spend 30 lakhs or more. The prices are for brief trips and the longer the distance the higher the charter cost will be. Only a few websites show the prices of these planes. And you have to call them and enquire about the things you want. Based on the factors they will notify you of the prices.

If you are looking for a high craft charter and want a rough estimation of the total cost incurred. You can use the prices of small seated aircraft for this purpose. If the cost of an 8 seated aircraft is 4 lakhs. Then per passenger cost should be 50 k. Based on that if you are booking a 30 seated aircraft then you must have to pay around 15 lakhs.

The services you want along with the size of airplanes also matters in deciding the prices. The better or more luxurious services you want, the more you have to spend.

FAQs on How much it costs to book a chartered flight in India

Can I go to the cockpit of a chartered flight?

No, you can’t go to the cockpit of a chartered flight. Only the members of the crew are allowed in the cockpit and nobody else can go there.

Can I fly internationally through chartered flights?

Yes, you can. But the process is lengthy and involves a lot of paperwork. It’s better to contact the airlines first and ask them about the prices. Because there are high chances of prices being higher than your expectations.

Is flying in chartered planes safe?

Yes, and that is the only reason for the surge in their demand as the pandemic is ending. Not only chartered planes are safe but they also offer a lot more privacy.

How can I book a cheap chartered plane?

Chartered flights are costly but you can always use some tips and tricks to save some extra money. Let’s know a few tips and tricks that you can use while chartering a plane and save some thousands.

  1. Look for empty returning flights- Look for a chartered flight that is coming back after dropping off its clients. Just like taxis, air taxis or chartered flights will provide you a deal for money if you book such a flight. Both you and the airlines are the beneficiaries.
  2. Negotiate- Never lay down the power of negotiation. Always negotiate and ask for reduced prices. Sometimes you can land great deals in the negotiation process.

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