Everything You Need To Know About Praxis EMR Software

Award-winning medical software that improves as you continue to use it. Praxis EMR incorporates artificial intelligence technology to provide you with customized solutions for your medical practice.

Praxis EMR – Company Introduction 

Are you looking for an EMR framework that is tailored to your unique requirements? You’re in luck because we’ve got something special in store for you. Praxis EMR Software is a multi-award-winning medical software company with a 25-year track record.

The company was founded on the idea that no two doctors are alike. With this in mind, it provides one-of-a-kind solutions for all current medical specialties. It includes Concept Processing, intuitive artificial intelligence that understands how a practice works and adapts to it. 

Top Features of Praxis EMR 

No Template Design 

In-built models, according to Praxis EMR, make charting more challenging and time-consuming. As a result, no template design is available. The intelligent EMR device learns how doctors handle various patients and illnesses and then records their results on a bell-shaped learning curve. Practitioners determine how and with what style notes are documented.

Users can save up to 2 and a half hours per day while charting notes on in-built models with this no-template style. Not only would this improve efficiency, but it will also enable doctors to offer better treatment to their patients.

Cloud-based Operations

This user-friendly system allows users to control it from any place on the planet. Since the program is hosted in the cloud, clients only need an internet connection to access the device at any time. Practitioners also choose which computer to use to access the EMR app. It can be used on computers, cell phones, and tablets, so there’s no need to invest in costly hardware.

Interactive Patient Portal 

A user-friendly patient portal is available, saving time rather than wasting it. Not only does Central Processing help with charting, but it also speeds up portal operations. The latter personalized each patient’s experience by allowing only the features that a doctor desires. Patients may use this function to connect directly with their doctors, read discharge notes, and order prescription refills.

Patients may use the platform to fill out check-in and consent forms at home, allowing them to save time until their appointment.

Effortless Medicine Prescription 

SureScripts is third-party software that Praxis EMR uses as a fast and effective e-prescribing tool. This reliable device connects to almost every pharmacy in the United States. Before an appointment ends, the medications prescribed are electronically exchanged with pharmacies. This functionality can also be used to make requests for prescription refills.

Lab test instructions are also sent directly to laboratories. As a result, no time is spent on faxes or phone calls. The device integrates test results, which are accessible through the lab inbox and the patient portal.

Powerful Research Tool

Praxis EMR serves as a valuable testing resource for practices that use it. It allows users to ask questions, and it responds to them in a structured manner. The Praxis DataMiner sifts through mountains of data to find just the relevant data for a practitioner’s needs. Users may conduct research using either pre-defined scenarios or their own queries. Doctors may use this function to complete analyses for health maintenance, clinical research, and drug trials, among other things.

Pricing of Praxis EMR 

The cost of this efficient and intelligent system starts at $219 per month per provider. A free demonstration of the device is available on the company’s website for future clients’ convenience. Doctors will need to fill out a simple and short form on the website to gain access to it.

Pros and Cons of Praxis EMR 

The benefits and drawbacks mentioned by Praxis EMR users are probably the most important part of this Praxis EMR analysis. Continue reading to find out what other experts in the field have to say about their experiences with medical software.


  • Live customer service responds quickly to questions.
  • Users can now run the machine in their own unique way thanks to customization.
  • When recording notes, a considerable amount of time is saved.


  • At first, it was difficult to grasp the device and its functions.
  • Patients find the portal to be a little difficult to use.

Some Common Praxis EMR Complaints

Praxis EHR is one of the few software that receives a 5-star ranking on most websites. Even genius apps, however, will have some users that aren’t completely satisfied with all of its features.

Many users complain about the steep learning curve that comes with this program, especially having to adjust to the lack of templates, which causes doctors to be unsure of how to use it at first. Some users have also complained that the patient portal is difficult to log in to and navigate, but aside from that, this app is one of the few that has received universal praise!

Praxis EMR: Worth an Investment? 

The top features of the Praxis EMR framework, as well as the benefits and disadvantages experienced by users, were highlighted in this Praxis EMR analysis. Praxis EMR provides a cutting-edge artificial intelligence feature that learns how a facility operates and adapts accordingly. Although we agree the system contains advanced resources, your final decision should be focused on whether the system’s offerings meet your requirements. We suggest that you check out the Praxis EMR demo to see if the device is right for you.

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