What is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction?

What is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction?

There can be multiple reasons behind erectile dysfunction in men. To deal with ED, the cause of ED must also be singled out, if possible. In some cases, erectile dysfunction could simply be a side effect of consuming some medicines. However, more often than not the root cause behind sexual health problems turns out to be due to psychological, neurological, lifestyle, or diet-related issues. Health problems such as vascular or prostate-related issues could also lead to ED. 

Foolproof Methods to Cure ED

Surgery or testosterone treatment are all ways to witness quick results. Simultaneously, medications are also an efficient way of dealing with erectile dysfunction. Medications like Aurogra 100 mg work by relaxing the muscles and arteries in the penis. Erectile dysfunction is a result of not enough blood being able to reach the penis. The medicine ensures a steady and increased flow of blood to the penis, thus resulting in an erection. It is a PDE5 inhibitor, which inhibits the specific enzyme and results in a prolonged erection and increased sexual satisfaction. Thus, medication would be a quick and easy way to enjoy intercourse while dealing with ED.

Alternative methods of treating ED

The following points will highlight a few steps that can be taken to improve your sexual health and deal with ED while still being able to maintain a healthy sex life, in a relatively short time.

Alternative methods of treating ED

The following points will highlight a few steps that can be taken to improve your sexual health and deal with ED while still being able to maintain a healthy sex life, in a relatively short time:

Look after your general health: 

Your physical health, especially vascular health, contributes to your sexual health. Blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and arterial health are all essential factors that must be taken care of. Other than ED, these aspects can also be responsible for heart attacks or strokes, which is why it is always important to look after vascular health. Regular checkups and lifestyle changes, if necessary, should be made. 


Walking, jogging, or employing any method to keep in shape and maintain a healthy body is also essential. Harvard claims that just half an hour of walking can reduce the chances of ED by forty percent. With age, a decline in sexual performance is not common. Daily exercise has been proven to help counter age-related problems in sexual health. Thus, taking the time out to exercise (or just take a walk) for a while every day can not only reduce stress and anxiety, it can also reduce problems related to erectile dysfunction. 


Obesity can lead to problems during intercourse. Sexual health is directly related to physical health, and weight is an important factor in determining physical health. This isn’t to imply that any person who does not have the perfect BMI must immediately start worrying about their weight. Obesity, or being significantly overweight, is what may lead to vascular diseases or even diabetes. Both these conditions also result in erectile dysfunction. Thus, losing weight is recommended if you think that your weight could be contributing to health issues. Regardless, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising daily, and keeping in shape have no negative effects. Additionally, all of these things can help fight ED. 

    Diet and nutrition:

Testosterone treatment, medications such as Sildenafil citrate 200 m and surgery      are possible ways of treating ED, but having a nutrition-rich diet can help immensely. Having fruits, vegetables, pulses, and fish can reduce the chances of ED. There are also reports of a Mediterranean diet leading to a decreased occurrence of ED. Other than fruits and vegetables, tea, cocoa, and dark chocolate must also be included in your diet. Having food rich in nitric acid is also essential. 

Lifestyle changes: 

There are also changes in your day-to-day habits that can be made to lessen the chances of ED. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or any other intoxicant should be avoided. Smoking, consumption of illegal drugs as well as excessive amounts of drinking can lead to increased chances of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, marijuana, cocaine, or heroin may also lead to harmful side effects such as erectile dysfunction. 

Kegel exercises: Other than regular exercises, pelvic floor exercises are also recommended for those struggling with ED. These exercises can lead to a strong pelvic floor which results in increased blood flow to the penis. In addition to lifestyle changes, taking the time to perform a few Kegel exercises can be immensely helpful in treating ED. 

Medication and Yoga:

 To maintain a healthy and functional body, yoga and meditation are things to add to your daily routine. If walking, jogging, or any of the other exercises are not possible for you to perform, consider taking up meditation as an alternative. Yoga can relax both the mind and body and research continues to back up the benefits that it can provide in terms of sexual health. For treating erectile dysfunctions, specific meditation poses and methods can be implemented which can fasten the treatment. 

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