Tips and Tricks to Fix a Water Damaged Cell Phone

Are you struggling with water damaged cell phone? The cell phone is vulnerable to damage because we carry it everywhere all day. As it is an integral part of our life so we can’t survive without it even a single minute. Many a time it fall and got some small scratches but unfortunately it is fall from some large height and in water then it more damaged will be happen. Sometimes suddenly your cell phone dips into the water. It is truly difficult to react when this experience happen with you. In this situation if you take some right steps then it is possible to recover your cell phone from damage and important data & contacts. After all this high tech device is expensive one due to bad incident it becomes an unusable device for you. But doesn’t worry it is better to try troubleshoot once before going to replacing mobile parts. If your cell phone in water for longer time then there is less chance to recover it. If you find yourself in this situation then you should read this article .we explain here, how to identify issue and resolve it yourself. 

Important Point You Should Know Before Troubleshooting Cell Phone:

1. Don’t turn on your cell phone. When it is fall in water your cell phone may switch off if not then turn off it.  If it is remains switching on for some time then there will be chance to short the electrical connections and your device get irreparable damage.

2. Don’t click or touch on any key before turning off your cell phone. This will give the path to water for entering inside the mobile parts.

3. Don’t shake your cell phone. It also helps to water to enter inside the cell phone.

4. Don’t take apart your cell phone: It may damage more your gadget than before and invalidate insurance and warranty.

5. Don’t heat and cool it: Temperature is an important factor as it may damage further by spreading the water into mobile parts in many ways.

Top 8 Tips to Fix your Water Damaged Cell Phone:

1. Remove the Case, SIM card, and Battery after Switching it off:

 If you are out of warranty period then remove all mobile part that is possible quickly. Remove the back cover as it will help to dry up your water-damaged cell phone in a little time. Collect the entire component carefully because after recovery of your cell phone you will need these entire components for testing.

2. Use a Cloth to Absorb the Water: 

Cloth helps you to dry up your mobile exterior part. It is very important to rid of all the excess water. Don’t put more pressure while drying up the water and mess anything. Complete this step gently without moving anything around too much.

3. Use the Vacuum Cleaner:

A vacuum cleaner helps to suck water from ports of cell phone such as charging, headphone jack, speaker, and many more.  Before using vacuum cleaner makes sure that you haven’t left any part loosen. 

4. Put your Cell Phone in an Uncooked Rice Full Container:

This is a very important step of troubleshooting keep your phone for two days in an uncooked fully closed rice bag or container. This rice bag absorbs the water from the bag atmosphere. It really helps you’re your water-damaged cell phone.

5. Leave it for Two days in a Rice Container:

Keep calm and patient for two days after putting your cell phone in a rice bag. Don’t be panic and try to switch on your cell phone before two day it may vanish your all effort that you have done before it.

6. After Two Day Try to Turn on your Cell Phone: 

When two days pass plug in it to charge for some time. Don’t feel embrace because it may not be getting on due to discharging of the battery.

7. If it is Turn on: 

Fortunately if it is getting on after charging then check the entire functions one after one. Don’t be overload the processor of your cell phone tries to do every testing patiently. Check your cell phone camera, speaker, touch screen, Bluetooth, headphone jack port and many other features. It is a good time to take the entire backup from your cell phone. Due to water enters an excess level in your mobile parts then it is the possibility to generate corrosion then you have no time to save data. Try to go repair shop for minor repair because if there is any small issue they will fix it as they have a complete tool kit. They can easily analysis and you have to pay just a little amount as compared to the earlier damage cases. It is better to save your effort and money before facing huge problem in future.

8. If it is not Getting on:

Unfortunately if it is not turning on then you have to go for repair as soon as possible because water may create layers of corrosion in the metallic circuit of mobile parts. This will hinder the functioning of your cell phone. Don’t try to purchase new one if all required feature your cell phone have go for repair it may take little amount as compare to buying the new mobile.

Final Words

We are hoping that you will get some important tips and confident after reading this article to troubleshoot your water damaged cell phone. We discuss all possible solutions for your device but if your phone gets more damaged than you are expecting then you should go for the repair option. To take water damaged cell phone for a longer duration may cause many issues in the future so try as soon as possible you can do. You can visit our Esource Parts website for phone repair and replacement of mobile parts.  We provide our speedy service to our customers. Hurry up! Check out for the best discounts and big offers on repairing and replacement of mobile parts.

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