The Impact of Technology on Our Day to Day Lives

From the moment we wake up to the time we finish our day and fall asleep into bed, technology has become the most integral part of our day. With growing days, it is becoming that aspect of our existence which we can by no means ignore.

During the pandemic, the significance and magnitude of technology’s effect on our lives became abundantly clear. When taking a step out from our homes had become a significant source of concern at this hour of crisis, technology was at our messiah. From paying bills online to helping us in every little step we take, technology has impacted our lives immensely.

Technology has also made purchasing and selling of products and services all the more convenient and easier. Users can now conveniently buy something online without compromising the luxury of their home, and they no longer need to be concerned with transmitting credit card particulars to a supplier.

Transport infrastructure is a fundamental field of technical activity. New developments in the transportation industry have enriched both individuals and organizations. Since time is of the essence of money, we must have a quick and convenient form of transportation.

Seriously consider how it will be without a well-developed transportation infrastructure—it would be nearly impossible to sustain.

Communication is critical and essential for sustenance, and we cannot thrive without it. Many specific technological techniques in the field of communication have been created through modern technological advancements.

The most prominent boon technology has given us is the mobile phone.

Individuals are becoming more busy dealing with their jobs and needs as the ecosystem advances. Because there’s so much pressure nowadays, everybody is so overwhelmed and seems to have no time to invest in family or friends.

As a result, technology has since filled this niche. Using networking site apps, you can communicate and make some friends while at work. People nowadays use cell phone application forms to meet and share with new and old friends.

However, even if under work pressure, family or friends are not able to keep in touch often enough, they will still get a glimpse of what their loved ones are up to or how they are doing through the pages social media.

It was pretty troublesome to keep up with the news prior to the rise of the internet and, more specifically, social networking sites. Regardless of the fact that there were media networks such as radio, television, and so on, they were not as instrumental in keeping people updated on the outside world as digital networks than the present days after the advent of social media sites.

As we all are very much aware of the current situation, social media is a global network with billions of people all over the world. It is also a massive outlet from which startups can find buyers and promote their merchandise.

During the lockdown days, going out or meeting people had become a challenging aspect. When loneliness had become part and parcel of every household, interactions through social media helped overcome the loneliness and served as a source of entertainment.

If you want to reach hundreds or even thousands of individuals, there is no ideal opportunity better than social media. And it is very uncomplicated to use; an increasing number of customers use it to contact other social media followers.

Social media also provides a platform to share one’s experience and create awareness. Social media is actively participating in empowering people in a multitude of ways. Whether you’d like to do some campaigning, needed blood for an emergency patient, or wish to support earthquake victims who are homeless due to flooding. Social media is constantly there to assist individuals in making their lives better.

All that you require is an eagerness to connect with social media, and you can reach thousands of like-minded peers, giving your voice the same importance as any other famous personality.

In the current situation, where awareness regarding the scenario is a must, social media is the best option provided by the advancement of technology.

The entire planet is in commotion. People are raising resources and contributing in any possible way to alleviate their suffering. Furthermore, social networking platforms have empowered people to make societal transformations and do well in any small or big way.

You must have an account on social media applications like Instagram, Facebook and Indian social media application like Connected India, helo and others to spread awareness and likewise provide any update regarding medical requirements. And perhaps the best thing about social media apps is that- they are entirely free to register and use their services.

It is imperative that we raise a comprehensive understanding of how to use technology to better people and that when we do, it would be very feasible that social media will maximize its societal advantages.

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