In the extremely improbable event that you find yourself trapped in the middle of nowhere with no viable survival resources, the plants listed below will come in help. Before consuming, make sure you can positively identify them because hazardous plants are plentiful in the wild and can sometimes mimic the features of the plants listed below:


They’re frequently found at the edges of bodies of water in the wild, and they’re said to have been a mainstay in Native American diets. Because the entire plant is edible, you can boil it or roast it over an open fire. The top of the plant resembles a hotdog and can be consumed in the same way that corn on the cob is. The stems are strong enough to weave baskets and blankets with.


They feature arrow-shaped leaves and bright yellow flowers that look a lot like sunflowers. They’re also known as ‘Arrowleaves’ because of this. They grow all year and the entire plant can be eaten fresh or cooked. It’s possible to roast the seeds or grind them into flour. The plant has a high fibre content in general, and its sap can be used as a disinfectant. Another fascinating aspect about this plant is that it is extremely drought and fire resistant due to its extraordinary capacity to regenerate from the roots.


Burdocks are no longer native to a single location. They can be found all around the globe. They feature purple flowers and large green bitter leaves. It is well-known for its medical properties, which include blood purification, germ killing, and fever reduction. The leaves can be repeatedly boiled to remove the bitter flavour, however the roots must be boiled and peeled before eating. It’s best to utilise this plant in moderation, especially if you’re out in the woods, because it might cause excessive urine output and, eventually, dehydration. You can also shop for indoor plants online


Thistles can have a variety of appearances depending on where they are found, but they always have prickly leaves and slim stems in common. They are a great survival food, and some who have tried them have described them as “tasty.” The flavour is supposed to be similar to celery. It’s possible to eat the plant raw or cooked. When roasted, their roots take on a sweet flavour.


Dandelions are a sort of weed that may be found all over the world and are often romanticised in writings and movies. Except for the stem, which generates a milky fluid when cooked, almost the entire plant is edible. The blooms are frequently used as a garnish at fine dining establishments. Look for plants that don’t have flowers in the wild because they’re considered to be less bitter and higher in vitamins. If you choose to boil the leaves, you can drink the residual water as tea.


Chinese money plant, pancake plant, and UFO plant are some of the titles given to these plants. The unusual and diverse shaped leaves of these plants are what make them so popular. These plants require intense light, both direct and indirect. These plants do not require regular watering; nonetheless, you will notice when the plant is thirsty since the leaves droop somewhat.

Plant of Swiss-cheese (Monstera deliciosa)

Another hardy variety, the Swiss-cheese plant, can thrive in a variety of lighting conditions. They take up a lot of room and, like its scientific name suggests, can quickly turn into a monster with their massive heart-shaped leaves. It’s also a no-brainer to water them. They prefer dampness, but not too much, so watering them every now and again would be enough.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a succulent plant belonging to the Aloe genus. The name is derived from two root words: “aloeh” means “bitter” in Arabic, and “vera” means “truth” in Latin. It is an evergreen perennial that hails from the Arabian Peninsula but thrives in tropical, semitropical, and desert regions all over the world.

Aside from these, a snake plant, spider plant, or even a regular house succulent might be used. They can be used as indoor houseplants or given as a present to someone who wants to try their hand at becoming a plant parent.

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