Customized and Standard E-Signatures can Help you Redefine Your ROI

In today’s economic climate, it is imperative for any business decision-maker to closely monitor their company’s return on investment (ROI). A typical ROI analysis requires evaluating an investment in terms of return over a period of time. So if an investment does not produce a positive ROI, or if there are opportunities for additional opportunities with ROI, this evaluation allows for faster changes in that regard. 

This has forced many companies to invest intelligently in new tools for profit and higher ROI. The Electronic signature is one such tool that has not only helped companies streamline their processes but also assists them in using this cost-saving tool to generate additional margin with less investment.

From government agencies to private organizations, having convenient and faster customer interaction is very important. This enables organizations to build healthy customer relationships in order to generate new profits. Imagine an insurance company that has to ship around a thousand sealed policies to its customers in a given month. 

How it can help your business?

If your document organization is disordered and out of date, your business could suffer significantly, wasting money and missing out on opportunities. An electronic document management system offers a flexible solution that can be adapted and expanded with the requirements of your company.

Paper-based systems limit your employees’ ability to exchange information and slow down processes. Paper-based systems also leave your company open to security risks such as loss, theft, and damage. Any of these disasters could seriously jeopardize your business continuity.

With an electronic document management system you have:

  • Better control over your business information and documents
  • Secure storage and access
  • The ability to access files from multiple locations
  • Lower personnel costs
  • Lower IT costs
  • Protected business information
  • Adding customized contracts

Process of Customized and Standard E-Signatures and ROI 

Traditionally, the whole process would be cumbersome as it requires manual intervention at every level. First, the company must receive printouts of the policies, which are later sealed by the authorized electronic signature Online. As soon as the policies are signed, they are forwarded to the logistics department for further processing. Later, the department will hire a specific courier company to deliver the policies to the desired destinations. 

So from signing and printing to processing and shipping, the company spends a lot of money on these routine tasks that cannot be avoided. Most importantly, a lot of manpower and time is wasted in the entire process. Realistically, the whole process is very time-consuming, costly, and even flawed.

Now imagine a scenario where the company can ship all of these policies online in no time and at a low cost. This not only helps the company save time and money but also valuable manpower. And this is only possible with legal and authenticated digital signatures. Electronic documents that are digitally signed provide legality and authenticity that is equivalent to that of signed paper documents. 

How it helps companies

The best online signature app helps companies to send digitally signed invoices/reports to customers in an encrypted format by email. While the entire process is automated, companies can maintain the confidentiality and integrity of reports and data. In addition, this speed and efficiency enable companies to have ideal customer relationships with increased customer satisfaction.

Paperless process

Today, laws legalizing E-signature online apps have helped companies move to paperless processes and reduce paper, printing, and mail costs. This digital signature technology has proven to be a boon for businesses as it is effective in reducing costs, especially in today’s slowdown. In addition, digital signature online pdf help companies climb the ladder of “green” goals with paperless tools.

Therefore, making a one-time annual investment in digital signature solutions enables companies to get the maximum benefit from their investments, and in an easier and faster way. By eliminating paper waste, companies can actively contribute to the “Green Revolution” in the “cheapest” way possible. Increased ROI and happier customers are ‘double effects’ in this era of tough competition

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